galerijos fasadas


What motivates a couple or three people every month (and sometimes more often) year after year to search, discover, organize, exhibit, spread information, give an opening speech, kiss the artist and invite to "our usual evening"? And to do this for 25 years! Aiming to spread beauty? To be part of the "art"? A habit? Inner calling? Or all together? Most likely, the reference pulse is not important.

It is much more important that BAROTI gallery is still there today, contrary to the common practice of galleries - to close the doors before they can open them wide. Even more, it is deservedly named as one of the most important cultural centers or, more precisely, phenomena in Klaipėda: with its own traditions, image, artists, customers and spectators... Equilibristically maneuvering between modern classics and modern (not necessarily post-modern) art searches, BAROTI gallery presents authors with a characteristic character and authentic creative thinking. The latter, regardless of their country of origin, the art genre they are developing or are developing themselves in, the recognizability, despite the differences, they are basically very similar: in their ideological load, associative language, attention to technique, professionalism, harmony of content and form. A gallery is a place where an artist becomes "visible", known and (let's not hide it) wanted. The most interesting thing is that all this is happening in Klaipėda, a city that does not have a rich dynamic of the art market. On the one hand, we can treat this as an advantage - an open space for realizing ideas, but on the other hand, in the absence of a competitive environment, the ability to "keep the bar" turns into a challenge. It is obvious that you are welcome! Being an artist of the BAROTI gallery or at least exhibiting your work in this gallery has become a matter of prestige during its twenty-three years of existence. As well as the name Baroti itself, which has lost only the equivalent of the surname of the owner and a famous Lithuanian potter. Today it is a brand, a label that testifies to quality, high standards, and strong positions.

Art critic


  • Organizing Art exhibitions
  • Sales of contemporary artwork
  • Formation and consulting of contemporary art collections
  • Publishing albums of art
  • Rental of artworks
  • Organizing cultural events and projects