Jolanta Kvašytė (born May 29, 1956 in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian ceramic artist. Creates mainly multi-figure thematic compositions (“Way of the Cross” in 1992, “City” in 1995, “Bethlehem” in 1996, “European Ship” in 1997), small sculptural plastic (“Autumn Beetles” in 1990, “St. John’s Night” in 1991, “Elephants of Love” in 1994, “Adam and Eve” in 2004, “Queen of Saba” in 2006). Created works for interior design details (the sign “Stikliai” in 1993, “Zodiakas”, “Mechaninės lėlės”, both in 1994-1995, all in the “Stikliai” hotel and restaurant), outdoor ceramics (“Piramidei” in the square in Panevėžys, 1998), tableware (“Pagodas” in 1991), vases (“Turkish Bath” in 1999). Recently, she created more monumental, more generalized sculptural mosaic compositions: “Ophelia” (2000), “New York Code” (2004), “Kiss” (2006).