November 4, 2016 / November 30, 2016

The exhibition of Arvydas Karvelis consists of the latest works, created in the last 2 years: mystical, eye-catching, flashing with keys, coins, buttons, screws, bolts, cords, stones, zippers, teeming with restless thoughts like some strange living things, dripping with raindrops, tears or amber with inclusions... From others, it is as if the being looks at the soul with an eye that pierces the soul. There is something fatal, grim in her gaze. As in that dark mountain or high in the sky above the city. "I am not a technocrat. When I paint, I'm more interested in the poetic side than the prose," the artist quipped when asked what he was thinking about while painting this.

Not only the enigmatic stories of his paintings are intriguing and fascinating, but also their texture, how A. Karvelis treats the surfaces of his works. He painted on cardboard and canvas, forcing them to fray, scratch, hug, crack and crack like glass in ways only known to him. His painting is full of everything. Maybe now he is not as rebellious and playful as before, there is more sadness and even more mystery in him. Though the author has always been able to make fun of serious matters.