DOVE 2018 h-55cm.


April 27, 2018 / May 17, 2018

Somewhere in the middle

During the years of studies, while spending time with fellow students in the workshop, we heard our teacher speaking in Russian during a half hour of radio. He told about exhibitions, travels, when asked about his work at that time, he answered that he was "kak by na perechodnom periode" (in the transitional period). It amused us at the time, and in the long run it became our often-repeated saying. And after many years of meeting, we always answer the traditional "how are you" with "na perechodnom". And now, when asked what I do, what I show, or the banal "how did you come up with the idea of holding this exhibition?", I would start with the fact that I am "na perechodnom" - in transition - somewhere in the middle. Last summer, Baroti Gallery invited me to participate in a symposium, I proposed several ideas, they chose one, I sculpted a big bird, I named it "Baroque". Not everything turned out as I expected, so when I returned, I continued to sculpt similar birds in my studio, looking for how it really should have been. It turned out like sketches for already done work. So, in the exhibition I am showing "sketches post factum", as well as other ideas proposed for the mentioned symposium, several works already shown. I don't follow one thematic line, perhaps the common denominator would be balancing "on the verge of banality". - Audrius Janušonis