October 18, 2020 / November 16, 2020

About the Gardens of Paradise

Paradise is usually perceived as a place of posthumous bliss, hope, a kind of salvation - a light at the end of the tunnel of life. Something that should provide recompense for all the suffering, pain, despair and fear experienced. All that must remain here, on the other side, so as not to pollute the territory beyond. Paradise was, is, and must remain clean, so that everyone who enters it can clearly feel the difference between what he left and what is finally given to him. Yes, paradise is a promise. Something to look forward to and worry about, something that is both simple and magical at the same time. It's like lust, it pulls and scares you when you finally realize the extent of the desire to lose yourself and destroy yourself. Although you know that the retribution may not last forever, maybe only for one moment, but it is already becoming irrelevant. It doesn't matter that that moment is worth the price of a lifetime. Nothing matters anymore. This is the promise of heaven. It is hypnotic, independent of either consciousness or will. Does anything change when heaven is promised right now on earth? Without completing the journey of life, without collecting all the failures, without trying new opportunities and without draining the pains to the bottom. A paradise that would exist alongside bad days, dark thoughts, tensions or even catastrophes. Not only when talking about a personal relationship with the environment, but also when experiencing contradictions and internal conflicts. When paradise is promised not in a sterile, but richly polluted territory of negative thoughts, emotions and events. How or can he be trusted? In this case, paradise becomes not a promise, but a condition. A condition that must be met if you want to keep breathing, see light, feel warmth. If you want to stay. This paradise is in everyday life, in every gray moment. If you are able to notice it, recognize it, you win tomorrow, thereby winning life. Dalia's Paradise is exactly the kind that is not somewhere, separated from us and acting as a lure or a promise of the future, but one that intervenes in every day, every second. Her Paradise is a safe and cozy space that has all the conditions for the human soul to enter. This Paradise is a winding path of spiritual search, inner harmony and harmony with the world. There is enough space and time for everything: self-recognition, perception as a part of the universe; elementary, simple, but often hard-to-reach love; for the natural, but increasingly fading connection with nature, the past and history. Dalia’s Paradise is also an oasis of peace, a place of rest and recuperation, where almost all forms of communication, as well as non-communication, are possible. A place where all kinds of choices are possible, not just from the mind, from deep reflection, but also from random, non-committal thoughts, spontaneous emotions, fragmented observations, from whatever. Dalia offers Paradise as a reservoir where you can simply "collect" yourself, so that after doing so, you can return to what you left behind for a while - everyday life, with all its colors, lights, and also darkness. Meet those you want to hug, see them next to you all the time, and those you would rather pass by or not know at all. Her Paradise is what everyone needs every day and every moment if they want to win tomorrow and life. - Art critic Danguolė Ruškienė