December 2, 2016 / December 31, 2016

Jonas Buračas is one of the most talented Lithuanian landscape painters, a watercolorist who is characterized by careful observation of nature, impressionistic rendering of light, and respect for nature.

Artist was born in 1898, Sidariai (Radviliškis district). Died in 1977 in Kaunas. In 1927 he graduated from the Kaunas Art School. 1929-1930 improved his slills in Paris, Berlin, Riga. In 1945-1947 he taught at the Kaunas Art School, in 1946-1951 at Kaunas Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Since 1936 he participated in exhibitions.

Jonas Buračas work was somewhat forgotten for some time, and in the last 20th century background of events in the history of art, it is even marginalized. But recently, a kind of discovery of it has been observed. The new generation of appreciators of his work are fascinated by true professionalism, mastery that was maintained throughout the entire creative period, loyalty to nature and its lessons, forgotten in the era of postmodernism. Now, such sincere, professionally executed landscapes are almost exotic - no one is painting them like that anymore. But this kind of painting is the classic form of painting, from which it is useful to learn not only for painters, but also for art appreciators and lovers.