April 26, 2020 / May 31, 2020

"Before the objective, visible artistic result, there is still a long, hidden and painful stage of the artist's work. It includes those behind the scenes where thoughts are formed, ideas mature or die when they are just ignited. In the creative heritage of Jonas Švažas there are a number of interesting drawings made with pencil and pastel, which show the extraordinary hard work of the artist, the persistent study of nature, the development of searches and concepts, and the ways of creating his paintings is visually evident. In them, we discover the artist and his immediate contact with the environment, a lively discharge of thought and feeling, the very course of artistic thinking, fascinating by the spontaneity of the drawing. Everything that Švažas painted - ships, bridges, industrial facilities, trees, corners of the old town of Vilnius - was observed for a long time and graphically recorded in sheets of sheets, in various forms and variants. In them, nature is rephrased, in order to achieve moods and expressions, solving dynamic tasks, operating the expression of lines and forms, with tonal nuances, using all the possibilities of graphic drawing. It is a broad bridge, vividly structured, freely organized impressions of the external world, transferred through the prism of inner experience. In many of them, the artist strives for such a completeness of drawing and composition that he creates a kind of prototype of a painting, expressing in graphic form the relationship between light and dark, the tonal gradation of colors, the totality of the plastic idea." Irena Kostkevičiūtė / album "Jonas Švažas"