August 7, 2020 / August 25, 2020


Marija Švažienė's textile works are familiar to the entire audience of Lithuanian art lovers - they are often exhibited in Lithuanian and foreign galleries. The name of the artist became famous at the end of the last decade by such tapestries as "Flight", "Tree", "Sun's rings", "Sun's path", which decorated Vilnius Antakalnis Hospital, Vilnius Maternity Hospital on Tyzenhauzų Street, Oncology Institute, Santariškės University Hospital interiors, giving them a special emotional tone. This is only a small part of the artist's works, which affected the entire trajectory of the development of Lithuanian textiles.

The history of artistic textiles is also unimaginable without Marija Švažienė's "Plaštakės”" - the first spatial tapestry woven in Lithuania. The artist's painting is also well known - more than a hundred of Švažienė's textile and painting works were exhibited more than ten years ago, in the 2010s, in the Vilnius Radvilai Palace jubilee exhibition of the artist "Spatial attraction". This year in Klaipėda, the Baroti gallery also opens the jubilee exhibition of Marija Švažienė's textile and painting works of recent years, testifying to the mature, distinctive visual style of the artist's language, which is characterized by a strong emotional suggestion, based on the decorative rhythmicity of abstract structures and the coloristic interaction of pure colors and their nuances. The effects of color combinations together with reflective, flashing, sliding light give the artist's works such an aura, an effect of which allows the exhibition to be called a real celebration of art, not metaphorically, but literally. - Dr. Dalia Karatajienė