January 25, 2019 / February 27, 2019

Cut frame - CROP2

The exhibition of paintings by Mindaugas Juodis "Cut frame -CROP2" opens in "Baroti" gallery. This series of works is like an ode to a woman filled with nostalgia, memories, emotions and silence. It is a journey towards knowing a woman, when the author wishes to know the multifaceted nature of a woman - sensitive, vital, thoughtful, playful, strong and at the same time - fragile, lost in contemplation between instinctive knowledge and external doubts. These are portraits of a woman's states, like frozen frames from the cinema that has just been shown, where every moment has its own prehistory. With the help of color and texture, the author opens up the complex and dual world of a woman, in which the perceiver, as the conductor of the transmitted emotion, also becomes a part of the work in relation to the work. By questioning the stereotyped image of a woman, the author evokes dual emotions - on the one hand, closeness, purity of emotion and intimate relationship are felt, but at the same time it seems that the artist's woman is only a reflection of an ephemerally passed frame, the impermanence of which intrigues to search, follow, catch but to not fully understand. It is a mystical dream world where reality and illusion intertwine among old yellowed photographs. It is a world where the feelings of the artist's broadcasted states become extremely intense and realistic, but the objects remain intangible.