September 23, 2022 / October 19, 2022

The construction of Anxiety

"I close my eyes. I imagine a square in front of me. I take a deep breath - hold my breath - exhale and keep repeating, repeating..."

Calm? In today's fast-paced world, it is impossible to avoid anxiety. Anxiety becomes a part of our daily life. Indrė Lubytė studied anxiety as a psychological phenomenon in her master's thesis. The exhibition "Construction of anxiety" is a continuation project of her current Master's studies in Graphics. In the exposition you will see not only watercolors, but also sculptural objects. Often in Indre's work you can find a geometric figure - a cylinder. Thinking about the chaos and scattered thoughts in her head, the artist chose a cylinder to give meaning to this state of hers. The cylinder can often be seen in factories, from which various particles harmful to the environment are emitted into the air. In this way, the cylinder represented by Indre takes on the role of polluter. The cylinder can also be identified with the feeling when it is difficult to speak, as if something is stuck in the throat, because the human esophagus is also similar to a cylinder. While creating, the author tries to understand anxiety, not run away from it. This is how the geometric shapes begin to take on the shape of the body. Chaos in the mind becomes a tool for creativity.

Indrė Lubytė is a graphic artist of the young generation from Klaipėda. She mostly works with watercolor technology, also creates installations, likes to experiment with textiles and plaster. Her works feature a lot of geometric details and an explosive color palette. Indre explores her inner world with her works. Since 2019, she has been participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. She currently lives and works in Vilnius.