January 26, 2018 / February 21, 2018

The attraction of temporality

The last decade of 20th century scene of Klaipėda's artistic life cannot be imagined without the work of photographer Raimundas Urbonas. A member of the legendary alternative group Doooooris, author of the famous Rytprūsiai cycle, documentarian of the legendary Gliukai Theater, simply an alchemist of everyday objects, he presents excerpts from the flow of the world around us with his photos, unconsciously including them in what remains beyond words. In this wordless territory of images, the intersection of the horizontal of time and the vertical of eternity takes place, where the illusion of temporality - what is no longer - is reconciled with the truth of eternity - what is always. The images captured by R. Urbonas, like excerpts from nothingness, immerse the viewer in another dimension of being, bringing back the lost time to us, and at the same time us to ourselves.

"Looking at the image of a photograph is like looking at a clear night sky: I'm looking at the shining specs now, but I'm seeing something that (maybe) is long gone, probably wasn't even there before I was born, before I had the chance to see it. Because the light of the stars reaches us many light-years later, after they themselves are already extinguished, but the light still travels. The image is a bridge between being and non-being. As light is the carrier of the image of the star, but not itself, so is the photograph... And what would we be without the ability raise our eyes to the clear, night sky?" -Tomas Kiauka