March 1, 2019 / March 29, 2019


Since 1993, Reda and Arūnas Uogintai, calling themselves ARCHEOLOGISTS, have been creating performances, participating in contemporary art festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, the UK; participates in exhibitions in Italy, China, Poland, Germany, France and elsewhere. According to the online portal, in the 20th century at the end of the 9th decade - at the beginning of the 10th century, Šiauliai was one of the main foci of new art or avant-garde in Lithuania. A community of young artists and a particularly strong musicians gathered here, the sprouts of alternative culture, video art, and performance were born. "Archaeologists" emerged in this seething, simmering avant-garde of the 10th century starting medium. Their work is characterized by stagecraft, even theatricality, often imitating the format of a show, a spectacle of commercial culture. The group's "theatricality" has always masked a subtle game with "commercial" images, as well as a "provincial" category, an understanding of beauty and "theatre". For 25 years now, Reda and Arūnas Uogintai have been making Šiauliai famous in the context of contemporary art. In the jubilee exhibition, artists exhibit new works and invite to the gallery for meetings, discussions, acquaintances with visual art and interpretations.