August 28, 2020 / September 19, 2020

Human among humans

Bigger eyes. More fragile. Ruth performs the ritual of depicting the naked body, actually exposing it. Her creatures are human-shaped holes. Since they are surrounded by the body, one can see through them where and how eternity passes. There is no longer a horizon, the sky is taken from them. Maybe they are both the color of dirt and their eyes are burnt, but real dirt burns even more. These are creatures saturated with pain, flaws and strange energy. You can't take anything from them because they already have nothing. They have lost everything but our humanity. They are not indestructible: inspiration disturbs them, rebuke causes them fear, and yet they persevere. Their shell has been completely destroyed, but it is impossible to destroy them. These are our brothers of doom, but they will fight to the end. All their organs were joined together. Everything is frozen, everything concentrated in one place. Their density is infinite. It could break your heart. But they really, really need our tenderness. A tiny immortal human, of the gentle sex, sacrificed for eternity. A woman with a trembling heart. A child who is hurt. All of them are just one. One look. Each of Rūta's works is an island of beautiful, magnificent life. Infinite strength and resistance to everything has taken on a body... Ruth creates something that everyone avoids. In her work, the night always takes place. Immeasurable, infinite. It brings to light the dark side that we dare not touch in the course of days: it talks about human flaws, bodies dedicated to their own darkness and their devastating beauty. She knows how the land is cultivated, and that land, its symbols, the culture of her Baltic ancestors live in her. Those indescribable creatures, piercing the heart and healing at the same time, are full of secret nostalgia for living roots, their own beliefs and the most secret legends. They show our wounds and hidden experiences. They are cracked, torn, transparent and torn, but - most importantly - touched by the sky. Because not only suffering is important to R. Jusionytė. The angel has forgiven the sinners, and the plague recedes. Spirituality in art... Tenderness conquers all. Rūta's sculptures are risky, there is not a shadow of fun in her great works. Not the slightest enticement, just the insidious contagion of a harsh and merciless being. Indescribable, unsweetened sympathy. A subtle alchemy of brutal beauty and fierceness. A small tribe of ageless, impoverished, primitive and strangely reduced humans reveal the unbearableness of the greatest experiences and the terrible emptiness hidden in childish souls. Those beings who gaze with the gaze of a ghost are undeniable reflections of ourselves. When everything is silent, they, so small, tell us without words the eternal secret of being. Rūta Jusionytė sculpts real, unadorned people. Her sculptures convey the idea of eternal life. - Christian Noorbergen