Rytis Martinionis

June 23, 2023 / July 12, 2023


In 2008, the very well-known artist Rytis Martinionis presented his exhibition titled "Subconscious Safaris" at the Baroti Gallery in Klaipėda, Lithuania (and elsewhere). There is no need to explain what subconsciousness is, because after the researches of honorable memory Dr. Sigmund F., we all seem to know what subjectively uncontrolled mental processes are. Let's imagine the picture when the artist R. Martinionis, like a tourist in Kenya, travels through the savannas of his visions and images. He sees illusory elephants, antelopes and even lions while driving an SUV under the supervision of an experienced driver. Such was once a subconscious safari.

Well, now - in 2023, the creator presents his drawings and paintings that project something that is perhaps not consciously controlled internally, but works effectively. As encyclopedias and dictionaries comment, - "design is the creation of documentation for an object to be built or manufactured". The artist builds and produces experiences, states. This is presented in a stained-glass way transparent, solid, confidently summarized (as always) aspects of color, shape, silhouette.

Perhaps not so long ago, Rytis was a surrealist, trying to grasp the vectors of his creative epic using the principle of automatism. But now, as he is projecting, he is the truest possible symbolist, relying on the principle of plastic and plot signs he is building, producing monuments of the subconscious, pre-conscious and conscious. These are monuments of dreams and states that are very personal and at the same time very human.

Art critic Vidas Poškus