July 29, 2022 / August 23, 2022

Woman is a Witch

Urtė Jasenka (born 1993) is an artist of the young generation, studied At the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, she later studied and in 2014 graduated from Manger folkehøgskule (Norway), majoring in music and vocals. While still at school, the artist formed a distinctive style, a minimalistic "world" full of symbols, details, repetitive elements, natural motifs, stories, thoughts, feelings, beauty, miracles, light, but at the same time - darkness, sadness, fragility, mysticism and suffering. The author's work speaks not only about the light, but also the dark side of human nature. Observing the environment, the people around you, yourself and your life, U. Jasenka "accumulates" a lot of experience, stories, and after thinking everything over, she leaves the most important thoughts on a piece of paper. "Be here and now, enjoy what is given - good or bad - wholeheartedly is the meaning of life and freedom" says the young creator.

Since 2009, U. Jasenka has been actively creating and organizes collective and personal exhibitions not only in Lithuania, but also abroad (Norway, Germany, Italy). Currently lives and creates Klaipėda.

Urtė Jasenka // @yaskaart // infoyaskaart@gmail.com