February 18, 2022 / March 9, 2022

Black Silent Graphics

The graphic narrative of the exhibition "Black Silent Graphics" includes the work of the last two years. This journey of the black collection is like two separate parts, but I think they are closely related. These are assemblages with envelopes and compositions made with the silkscreen technique in the language of certain signs and objects. The object can turn into a sign, and the sign does not refer to itself, but to something else, which we perceive with our senses and which we agree to consider a sign. And depending on the context, it can have different symbolic meanings.

Not many viewers will hear the sound of a train running on the tracks in "Red sleeper pianos", but will observe a resting "runner". Maybe you will see national archetypes, read the stories of signs in "Glaucoma"? "Poligone-info" will see an aggressive black cloud of information sewn with red threads, a sign of distorted information. Maybe "Painful information" will turn out not to hurt at all, even though it casts a red painful shadow in the black velvet darkness. And this will not at all prevent the composition "Flying on the waves" with the help of the language of signs and symbols to cause eddies in the sea of the composition, to take thoughts to the depths of darkness. After encoding the information in the envelope compositions, the "Silent Archive" observes the situation from the country and protects the secrets of history. "Info duplicate" changes the informant's name and the comma is lost - "Lost comma". "Two-faced information" triumphs, the result is achieved. While observing the exhibition, the viewer communicates with their gaze. What does a look and a letter have in common? They serve the same function of communication... letters and glances are hidden by envelopes?! You close the envelope, you close your eyes and deep darkness prevails, but the images remain. It turns out that dark black is also colored.