March 3, 2017 / April 5, 2017


Vaidotas Janulis, a graphic artist from Šiauliai (born in 1957), experimenting abundantly in the field of screen printing and digital graphics. In 2009 he created his new collection of artworks and playfully named it GRAFirKA? Here, the artist seeks to question the concept of graphic art, to implement new, inadequate to our living reality, the goals of representation and interpretation of the structures and systems of reality in prints. The works of the professor of Šiauliai University, characterized by a distinctive style, cannot be confused with the drawing of any other Lithuanian graphic designer. A productive creative path is marked by a large number of exhibitions organized in Lithuania and abroad. V. Janulis actively participated in international exhibitions in Holland, Hungary, Australia, USA, Canada, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Mexico. Museums and collectors from Australia, Canada, Finland, and Israel have acquired quite a few works.