March 23, 2018 / April 25, 2018

An exhibition of sculpture and painting works by Vytautas Šerys, laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, from the series "Classics of the 20th Century" is opening in the Baroti gallery. The work of V. Šerys (1931-2006) occupies a unique place in the 20th-21st centuries junctions in Lithuanian art. The artist was gifted with diverse talent - he created not only sculpture, but also paintings, monotypes, drawings, wrote poems and essays. In 1995 the artist was awarded the National Culture and Art Prize. 1964-1994 V. Šerys taught at Vilnius Children's Art School (now J. Vienožinskis Art School). 1996-2001 taught at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, taught painters the art of sculpture. Since 1991 was a member of the first independent group of artists "24".  

According to art historians, the artistic mindset of V. Šerys was formed inspired by the modernist culture of pre-war Lithuania and the broad second half of 20th century art and cultural context of the world. The artist transformed these creative sources into a concept of art unique to him. According to art researcher Rūta Pileckaitė, V. Šerys could be assigned to the type of Renaissance creator, for whom creativity is not some romantic mission, but a very consistent form of being driven by an intense inner need. Unlike representatives of his generation, V. Šerys does not look for impulses for his work in the traditions of past cultures or Lithuanian folk art. All associations, dynamic visions are found right here. They are born from the inner depths of the creator himself...