6 gegužės, 2016 / 31 gegužės, 2016

Ewa Miazek lives and works in Warsaw and Wiżąjny. Between 1971 and 1976 she studied at the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, graduating from Professor Stefan Gierowski’s studio. Between 1976 and 1978, she completed a postgraduate course of stage design under Professor Józef Szajna. She has had several individual and group exhibitions of her works in Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Mexico, Mongolia and Moldova.

Her works are in private collections at home and abroad.

Choice; The Archive of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Poland Mayor of Warsaw Poland Mayor of Suwalki collection Poland Mayor of Nida Lithuania Mayor of Mariampole Lithuania Arvi Group Collection Lithuania The Yat Gallery Glasgowm Great Britain The Rector Collection of University of Art in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia National Art Museum of Moldova Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Eminescu”, Chisinau

She was a President of the Warsaw Branch of the Polish Artists’ Association (1999-2006) Since 2008 she is a president of Art Campaign Association.

Individual Exhibitions:

1975 Proxima Gallery, Warsaw; 1976 Lira Gallery, Warsaw; 1990 Ściana Wschodnia Gallery, Warsaw; 1981 Gallery KMPiK, Warsaw; 1983 At Home, private exhibition of drawings, Warsaw; 1989 Diemen Town Hall, the Netherlands; 1992 ‘Cribs’, Radio ‘Zet’ Club, Adrianna Biedrzyńska and Maciej Robakiewicz Art Studio, Warsaw; Cribs and Models, The Yat Gallery, Glasgowm; 1995 The City, Art Salon ZPAP, Warsaw, 1995 Denuo Gallery, Warsaw; 1997 ‘Paper Devils’, Brama Gallery, Warsaw, 1999 ‘Landscapes’, Ryszard Kowalski Salon for the Promotion of Contemporary Art, Warsaw; 1999 Viv-Artis Gallery, Gdańsk; 2001 Małopolskie BWA, Nowy Sącz; Zamojska BWA Gallery, Zamość; 2003 ‘Safe Places’, Delfina’s Gallery, Warsaw; 2004 Genes of Culture Test Gallery, Warsaw; 2005 A Passage to India Prezydencka Gallery, Warsaw; Polish Devils POSK Gallery, London.

2006 Landscapes from near and far Chodna 20 Gallery Suwaki; II Warsaw Fine Art Festival Schody Gallery. 2007 Devil Comparison Tygmont Gallery Warsaw.2008 Salon49 Gallery Warsaw. 2010 Trivialness Nepal photo exhibition. Lietuvos Aido Gallery Vilnius

Wiatraczna Roundabout Test Gallery Warsaw 2014. National Art Museum of Moldova 2015.

Group Exhibitions  (last years choice):

2000 ‘Place on Earth’, from the Earth series, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; ‘Art Tholi’, within the framework of Warsaw Art Presentation, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw; Drawing 2000, Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw; 2000/01 ‘Millennium Breakthrough Syndrome’, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; 2001 ‘Open Door’, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; International Warsaw Fair, Expo XXI, Warsaw; 2001 Materials. Fibers. Poland-Israel, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; 2001/02 ‘Energy’, Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw; 2002 ‘Charming the Serpent’, Tygmont Jazz Club, Warsaw; Warsaw Painting Survey, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; 5th International Watercolor Biennial, Mexico; 2003 Form in Miniature, DADA Gallery, Warsaw; ‘In Search of Space’, High Tension Gallery, Stare Babice; Warsaw Art Survey, DAP Gallery, Warsaw; ‘Secrets of Paper’, High Tension Gallery, Stare Babice; 2003/04 ‘Delfiatlon’, Delfina’s Gallery, Warsaw, 2004 Warsaw in Vilnius, Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Art Geneva ’04,Geneve; Warsaw in Kiev, Artist House, Kiev.2005 Warsaw in Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar; 6th International Watercolor Biennial, Mexico. Polen Kommt Germen.2006 5th European Contemporary Art Biennial; Polish Expressions Bern ;5th festival of Fine Art Varna. 2007 XIII Vilnius Painting Triennial, Contemporary Art Center. Vilnius. 2008 Baltic Bridges International Watercolor Biennial Kaunas. 2009 Juoazasart Gallery, Vilnius. 2010 Ostrale’10 Dresden Germany.2011 Suvalki Salon of Art.2012 Art Campaign in Nature Museum of Earth Warsaw.2012 International Painting Biennial in Chisinau 2013. The Beach and Big Town Stalowa Gallery Warsaw 2014. Biblioteca Privinciale Benevento, Italy 2014.Muzeul National de Istore si Ethnografie, Soroca, Moldova. 2015 International Painting Biennial in Chisinau Moldova.