May 7, 2021 / June 2, 2021

DOMINORE of Station

Vilnius. The final stop of the route. The door opens and when you get out, you get to DOMINORE of Station. The sound of trains running on the tracks merges with the sounds of techno. The voices of those who are in a hurry, who are constantly waiting for something, merge with the sun of a hot day. The eyes flicker, the images distort, deform, the colors become brighter, it disappears altogether. The smells of the bakeries mingle with the incense of the fortune-tellers' parlors, and in the distance, you hear the approach of Krishna's followers. Big city birds are pigeons. They are always everywhere and there are a lot of them. Everyone is being watched by them. The DJ's tunes are interrupted by a police raid. Only one note from rave to raid. Dominore is a state and action that occurs in and around the station area. Dominore is a state between playing and playing music. It's the meditation of the station area where you begin to hallucinate, flashbacks and fantastic images occur. During Dominore, time stands still, historical-religious events and images merge with today's current events. The whole event becomes like Hemingway's fiesta, Kusturica's absurdity. Dominore is the soundtrack to the endless celebration of the station district.