April 22, 2022 / May 25, 2022

St. John's head for two grams of cocaine

In Baroti gallery on April 22 opens the sixth personal exhibition of the well-known composer, Golden Cross of the Stage nominee Antanas Jasenka.

The artist's focus is on interpretations of biblical themes and people of the Holy Scriptures, which have acquired an expressive form, and which the emphatically expressive artistic expression, together with the names of the paintings that actualize them, make them rarely modern. Balancing on the border of figurative and abstract painting, Jasenka's canvases speak of the eternal confrontations of betrayal, evil and light, their constant transformation into each other, allowing the audience to understand the universality of the beginnings of good and evil thanks to the bold stroke and coloristic enrichment of the paintings. Despite the fact that the artist's consistent and systematic turn to painting took place only three years ago, the exhibition speaks of a visually recognizable, distinctive style of Jasenka's artistic language, the unity of which gives the exhibition viewers the impression of an emotional impact.