June 6, 2018 / June 19, 2018

Visual arts of Jazz

An exhibition dedicated to the KLAIPĖDA CASTLE JAZZ FESTIVAL opens in the Baroti gallery (Aukštoji st. 1/ Didžioji vandens st. 2, Klaipėda). In the exhibition "VISUAL ARTS OF JAZZ" we will present the paintings of Audrius Gražys. Audrius Gražys – painter, author of installations and scenographies, participant and curator of exhibitions, art projects. The work of A. Gražys is characterized by multi-layeredness, a certain poetics and impermanence of thought. The artist says: "When I create, I do not attach much importance to fashionable art trends. My paintings, created in the last two years, could have been painted ten years ago. I am an alien to the aesthetics of ugliness, I strive for my paintings to reflect harmony, intelligence and depth of meaning." A. Gražys is the laureate of various awards: the Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio honored the artist with the Portuguese Officer's Cross, he won the prize of the 10th International Painting Triennale, the prize of the 7th International Painting Symposium, the Vilnius International Plein Air Prize, in 2016 he was awarded the LDS gold badge for artistic creation versatility and reflexivity. The theme of the latest exhibition by Audrius Gražys is not accidental. A sworn music lover and true jazz lover, his painting has always had a touch with jazz. A large part of his works appeared in the background of jazz music, so the color syncopation, the rhythm of the strokes, often resemble the transition from sound to a wave of light. Continuing the FAR cycle, the author guides us through the memories of his travels to the seen sights and sounds, which have already become interpretive from the perspective of time. It's like time travel in a jazz way.