June 22, 2017 / July 18, 2017


This is not the first time that artists Audrius Gražys and Mindaugas Juodis, who are working together, present a new exhibition called "Cool'TAS". Mindaugas Juodis, who likes word puns, says that this is an exhibition about a cult - religious, sexual, visual, sensual. "Cult, no matter what it is, never leads to good," - say the authors. Also, this is an exhibition about being "cool" - cool, amazing, unique - again, the sharpened criticism of society is felt.

Paintings and sculptural objects of Audrias Gražys and Mindaugas Juodis will be exhibited at the "Cool'TAS" exhibition. For the first time, the authors thought of holding this exhibition in an unconventional space - the former shoe store "Tauras" in Kaunas. In a space not suitable for exhibitions, the artists tried not only to fit together, presenting more than thirty works, but also spoke through artistic means about the influence of the cult on each of us.

In 2017 June 8-11 part of this exposition was presented at the international art fair "ArtVilnius'17", where it received great attention from the audience. June 22 , on Thursday, "Cool'TAS", filled with new works of art, will come to Klaipėda, Baroti Gallery, where it will try to move the "drowsy" souls of the seaside audience in a bold, original, suggestive and intriguing way.