Bronius Gražys (painting), Arvydas Ališanka (sculpture)

March 15, 2024 / April 10, 2024


Undergrowth in Wikipedia is defined as the undergrowth of the forest that can form a new sapling. The painted canvases and constructed sculptures shown in the exhibition metaphorically rephrase the undergrowth. Under the vault of the BAROTI gallery, the "greenery" of thoughts about the forest presents a unique approach to the vitality of the forest and its fate.

In this case, we are talking about the synergy of painting and sculpture. The nature of the forest is combined with human creativity and imagination. In the exhibition, the language texts of two-dimensional painting and three-dimensional sculpture forms a tele about the "eternal" friendship between man and tree. Unfortunately, the forest needs to be destroyed for the regrowth to appear, and that friendship doesn't always turn out so bright.

In the "rethought" BAROTI gallery space, works of painting and sculpture are displayed, although they have different resolutions, unique aesthetic and energetic auras, but we believe that in this space they communicate perfectly with each other.

The rectangles of the painting are like windows to mysterious natural territories, where the relationship between man and the forest can be close and quite dramatic. In the gallery space, creatures constructed from tree branches are placed with the hands and thoughts of the sculptor. The paradox of the sculptural vision, the "building" material of birds (branches) turns into the sculptor's material. The forest with all its contents is life and refreshment, mystery, light and night... /Bronius Gražys/ /Arvydas Ališanka/