November 5, 2021 / December 8, 2021


Man is born to travel. Search for their temporary, then forever home. To travel through time and space, outside the world and inside oneself, along geographical, political and existential trajectories. Crossing fences and borders - of a country, of some union, of another person, and ultimately of oneself. This constant state of [e]migration is an expression of the hope that we will find somewhere better, that we will become better ourselves, that we will find our true home. Until you realize that the house will never be built and finished, that everything is just a constant puzzle, like the evolution of the universe from cosmic dust, from which we ourselves - for a brief moment - are made. What is the meaning? To travel always means leaving and saying goodbye. And upon arrival - to greet and receive. And in both cases hug. This is what travel teaches us. Nothing more, just learning to be sad and happy. Such is the divine puzzle. - T. Kiauka