July 1, 2022 / July 26, 2022

Awake Sleep II

Awake sleep is a continuation of painter’s Monika Plentauskaitė's exhibition with the same name, which took place last year in Vilnius (in the gallery "Meno niša"). This time dreams and their bodies (paintings) do not stop their journey and continue in the new exhibition in Klaipėda, in the "Baroti" gallery.

Awake sleep is a state during which the heroes of childhood fairy tales emerge, the remnants of fabricated recognizable and unrecognizable identities, the most vivid scenarios of personal and collective memory are experienced, but here the plots remain controlled and staged on the surface of the canvas, turning the painting into a conscious dream. The exhibition raises the problem of representation and fictitiousness - seeks to distinguish the line between simulation and reality and raises questions related to the search for the authenticity of experience, the multifacetedness of the image, temporality and identity. The exhibition is divided into two parts - awake and sleeping. The split exposition allows the viewer to experience it all through walking through hyperreality rooms and thus creating an individual plot of it.

Monika Plentauskaitė is a young generation painter who graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, her works have already been purchased by Lithuanian and foreign collectors, MO (Museum of Modern Art), "Lewben Art Foundation" and other art foundations. The artist’s paintings were presented at Lithuanian and foreign art fairs by “Meno Niša” gallery. In 2018 the artist became the winner of one of the most significant art events in the Baltic States - the "Young Painter's Prize".