October 23, 2020 / November 18, 2020

Trajectories of intuitions and structures of Own stories

The works exhibited in the exhibition intertwine with everyday life, the environment around me, with fragments of the virtual flow of information, experiences of specific geographical places - Šilavotos and Rūdiškių surroundings. The latter aspect could be described by the philosopher Arvydas Šliogeris' concept of philotopy, which, by defining thinking which is rooted in a specific place - the native land - provides an opportunity to engage in the consideration of universal and global contexts with positioned and embedded thinking. This exhibition can be treated as a text constructed from individual pictorial images, which at the same time is open to the viewer's personal interpretations. Every work of painting with its content and form, format size, execution technique and stylistics becomes an integral part of this text. The title of the exhibition "Trajectories of Intuitions and Structures of Own Stories" refers precisely to this nature of open narration, which will be different for each viewer.

The works presented in the exhibition are a continuation of the research on the topics of local identity in a global society, self-definition, identity and the concept of identity, which have been developed for several years. The need to reflect on these topics stems from the effort to define ourselves in the multicultural environment that surrounds us. This environment, its history and cultural memory are the main fields of search, and the medium of painting is the means of this search. Sensations, intuitions and the painting process itself acquire the same importance in creation.

For me, painting remains both a reclusive and an archaic act. By painting an image, I incorporate it, appropriate it, and it becomes a part of me. But in the same act, after filtering it through myself, I depict it in oils or other paints on canvas. The purpose of the painting process is not to depict visible scenes, but to realize the possibility of seeing an environment that lacks a clear, defined image. In this way, painting and creating images create and change myself. In the same process, I also reflect on painting as a medium in the modern world. At the moment, its archaism, prehistoric significance and shamanistic features are relevant to me. So, for me, painting is also a way of (re)thinking, and the works are the results of this process.