June 4, 2021 / June 30, 2021

Burning Mind

"Burning mind" is a mind bursting with ideas. The brain is our database, a medium where thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories are stored. When we are isolated from contact with other people, new and lively experiences decrease. In such cases, you notice yourself more - you start to motivate yourself, supplement yourself, you start to use your database - your mind - more intensively than usual. Artists are often called freaks or even crazy. And what is this madness? What is their nature? Artist madness is apparently a separate kind of madness. Symptoms: deep existential vision of all phenomena, incessant questioning of everything and asking questions, courage to be yourself. And the main one: speaking through artistic means, the obligation to embody all those mentioned symptoms in an object, in a picture, in daily life inseparable from creativity.

In the works of Vilmantas Marcinkevičius, the plots of reality and fantasies are mixed into each other in expressive bursts. V. Marcinkevičius' sharp, but not harsh work highlights the strangeness of man, his feelings and actions. And the madness of the whole world becomes visible. Intuitively, without being guided by literature, Marcinkevičius transforms life situations into compositions that awaken the collective subconscious. The autobiographical nature is revealed only after the author himself tells the stories hidden behind the paintings. Vilmantas sees a parallel between creativity and science - nothing comes from nothing, only at first glance a creative idea appears as if from nowhere. But it's more of a butterfly effect. The cause, the original impulse, is always there, it is only necessary to trace the chain of causality and the logical sequence becomes visible. In Marcinkevičius' work, the combination of yellow and blue colors could be treated as the duality of extraterrestrial and earthly worlds. In Sartre's philosophy, it is explained that it is necessary to break away from the material world. Nothingness is the yellow everyday life of Marcinkevičius, which must be accompanied by a higher phenomenon - the blue Being. In the trope of the butterfly effect, V. Marcinkevičius' paintings would hang between the flapping of wings and a tornado - between the cause and the final effect. Marcinkevičius often sublimates his emotions in his work. Art acts as therapy to prevent tornadoes from happening in reality. Diluting the yellow mundane with a good dose of the blue otherworld acts as a prevention against the inertia of the mundane.